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Ginny – Cider With Gin Botanicals

Ginny is our fictitious hurdy-gurdy dancer. Considered the “good girls”  of the saloons, they refused to deal in anything other than dance steps. The story goes that Prospectors would pay up to $1 a dance to throw these girls raucously high in the air until they were nearly upside down, providing them a much needed diversion from the hard life in the Cariboo.

To make Ginny we infuse our crisp cider with select botanicals commonly used to create gin. Using only whole juniper berries and other select herbs, Ginny is a cider unlike any other. The first few sips reveal strong notes of coriander, with more complex flavours of juniper and floral violet developing as the cider is enjoyed.

In order to help protect the delicate botanicals aromatics and flavours, we have left Ginny unfiltered.