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The CrackWhip

The CrackWhip focuses on the abundant dessert apples found in the Okanagan, and has added complexity from being dry-hopped with three types of BC grown hops for several weeks prior to bottling.

With floral notes notable on the aromatics and a subtle grapefruit finish, The Crackwhip is a very crisp and refreshing choice for hot Okanagan summer afternoons.

We named The CrackWhip after the esteemed stagecoach drivers who were commonly called – you got it – “CrackWhips”. Contrary to the Hollywood depiction of saloon-bound, haggard old cowboys driving the stages, the Crackwhips were the eptiome of gentlemen and the best men of their day.

Considering the skill required to drive a team of six unbroken horses over the rugged Cariboo terrain, combined with their responsibility for the safe arrival of gold, mail and passengers, it’s no wonder that CrackWhips were some of the most respected and formidable men of their time.

After we chose it’s namesake, we realized we had ordered the organic hops from a farm in Lilloet, which was Mile 0 of the stagecoach route. With hops from where the Crackwhips started their route, and apples from where the horses were raised, this cider is a true celebration of the rich BX History as well as BC’s agricultural bounty today.

2013 – 114 Cases – 6.6% abv.