The BX Press Vernon BC

Welcome to
our Orchard

We are 3rd-Generation Farmers

currently raising the fourth…

We grow lots & lots of apples

The lucky ones become cider

Rich With History

Our ciders celebrate the rich history of the Barnard’s Express Stagecoach Company.

Sharing Our Stories

Our latest adventures in cidermaking & apple growing.

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We are 3rd-Generation Apple Growers

trying something new.  Or depending how you look at it – something old.

Real Cider – made from apples, has been around for centuries – yet in North America the word cider has been so obscured that most no longer know what to expect.

We invite you to try real cider, made from apples. Not watered down, not artificially flavoured. Not sugary sweet or cloying.

Our ciders are natural, refreshing, and a true expression of the apples they are made from. They are unpretentious, yet have enough character to be served alongside the finest meal. Did we mention we grow all the apples we use in our ciders – nearly 30 varieties – right on the same orchard the cidery is located?

We hope you will come visit our tasting room and experience real cider.


Dave & Missy

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Winter Hours

10 – 4
Thurs, Fri, Sat

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