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Welcome to Our Orchard

Connecting Us to The Land, Its History, & Each Other


Our Story

It’s About Connection

Our orchard trees have deep roots, stretching into rich history-laden soil.  Some days, if one listens carefully enough, it seems that our trees whisper the stories of the land. Tales of our family’s three generations, caring for the trees – many of them the very same limbs that bear fruit today. Maybe the trees would tell you about the pioneers who planted the orchard. Or perhaps they’d echo the beat of the hooves from the magnificent BX horses that ran wild on this same land before the soil ever held apple tree roots.   

We invite you to come walk among our trees, and enjoy our ciders crafted from the apples grown on their limbs. Our heart is in connecting  – with the space our food (and drink) is grown, with the history of those that have come before, and most importantly – with each other in community and shared experience. 

Our authentic ciders are what make all this possible, and we hope you will come and share them with us.



AUthentic Ciders

The Best Cider is Made in the Orchard

We grow over two dozen varieties including modern dessert apples, nearly forgotten heritage cultivars, and vintage cider fruit. With nearly two pounds of apples in  every bottle our ciders are always refreshing, unapologetically dry and a true expression of the season before.


Wood-fired pizza is available in the summer months. We are looking forward to expanding our 2020 hours to include more opportunities to enjoy a cider and pizza at the orchard.


We had a fantastic line-up of artists over the 2019 summer and cannot wait to announce an ever bigger line up of concerts for 2020.

Hours of Operation





Currently complete for the season. Tours will again be offered spring 2020.

Drop Us a Line

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!

Find Us

4667 East Vernon Road (use North Gate at Cidery)

Heading East on Silver Star Road

1. Turn Right onto Pleasant Valley Road

2. Turn Left at 46th/Carew/BX Road (at Hunters Store)


Drive 2.5km along a beautiful windy country road until you reach the cidery!