3rd Generation Farmers

About Us

We are a Farming Family.

Our lives are intertwined with agriculture as far back as we can both trace our family heritage. With three generations on this land, we are now proudly raising the fourth.

Our Story

Over the Years


Unceded Territory of Sylix (Okanagan) peoples


Frances Jones Barnard buys 6000 acres of land in Vernon



BX Ranch is sold


Dobernigg family moves to Vernon

We would like to acknowledge that the land on which our orchard grows is the unceded territory of the Syilx (Okanagan) Peoples.

Needing a home to raise the horses to pull his fleet of stagecoaches, Frances Jones Barnard Purchases 6000 acres of land in Vernon, and has 400 horses driven from California and New Mexico to start the ranch here.

With the advent of the automobile and rail system, the BX met its demise and the land was sold. William Pound, a local taxidermist established the orchard.

Seeking a milder climate for health reasons, Franz and Anna Dobernigg moved their family from Alberta in 1946. Land title transfers indicate that the orchard was purchased from pioneer and taxidermist William C. Pound.


John grows orchard to 40 acres


Dave begins career as Orchardist


Dave & Missy start exploring options for value-add


Missy takes cidermaking courses & starts making cider

John Dobernigg, Franz’s eldest son, continued the orchard and purchased additional acreage to grow it to the 40 acres it is today.


John’s eldest son Dave started orcharding full-time, marrying prairie farm-girl Missy in 2003.

With apple prices in 2008-2009 making it excruciatingly difficult to keep food on the table, Dave & Missy start investigating ways to add value to the orchard while honouring their existing packinghouse contracts

Missy travelled to Washington to take cidermaking courses from renowned cider authority Peter Mitchell.  Any moment not spent with apple trees or kids was spent learning about and making cider.


The BX Press is founded

By 2013 Dave and Missy decided to take the risk and start the cidery. Despite a rock-solid business plan several funders turned them down due to skeptiscm they could survive the years it takes for this sort of business to turn a profit. They were happy to prove them all wrong (and were also very happy to not have lost their house!)


Production grows each season


The cidery building & production is expanded

With each season we sold out of more cider and pressed more apples! With a growing line up of fruit and botanical ciders more and more people were discovering they enjoy authentic cider

By 2018 it was evident a bigger space would be required and the original cidery building was expanded, along with tanks and equipment investments added.


Pizza Oven, Patio & Live Music Events Begin

2020 & Beyond

Live Music & Extended Hours

The summer of 2019 the cidery added a picnic area and patio. With this change came a wood-fired pizza oven and live music on weekends.

The summer of 2020 we’re looking forward to an expanded selection of live music events and running the wood-fired oven several evenings a week.

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