Meet Our Team

(Of course, we’d be amiss not to acknowledge our parents who help with anything & everything from endless hours pressing apples, labeling bottles, building “contraptions”, watching the kids, and bringing us food on particularly long days. We  also have deep gratitude for those in our circles and community who come work for a day here or there, and of course, our insanely hardworking apple-picking crews each fall. )




Applegrower. Equipment & Operations. Organeoleptic Analysis.  Without Dave, there would be no apples to craft into cider. Equipment would not be moved, then moved again (and then sometimes, again) at the cidermaker’s whim.

From grafting new gnarly cider-apples to growing that market-perfect Ambrosia, Dave does most of the hands-on horticultural work throughout the year on the orchard, and helps with a significant amount of cidery work during pressing and bottling.

If you’re lucky you might even catch him pouring at the tasting room or find him at a market or event.


Cidermaker. Marketer. Distributor.  I wear many hats, but my favourite is farm-girl.  I feel immensely grateful that my path in life is one that meanders through our orchard, and allows me to tread it wearing gumboots 90% of the time.

Our orchard and cidery is my passion.  Taking our apples, selecting yeast and then nurturing them together to become something as truly natural, somehow magical – and beautifully simple – as cider – is a gift in my life that I try not to take for granted.


Born and raised in England, Frances and her Husband Adrian enjoyed their Canadian Honeymoon so much, they ran away from home and settled in Vernon. Living on an acreage with a menagerie of dogs, cats and horses, Frances celebrates Mother Nature and the beauty of her surroundings. Her passions include Nordic skiing and snow-shoeing, hiking, biking, camping and being in the great Canadian wilderness. She is an educated dressage rider and horse-trainer in the Classical French System, promoting awareness of ethical practice in horsemanship. Frances is a keen amateur photographer (Secretary Vernon Camera Club), helps with humming-bird banding, enjoys working with alpacas and volunteers as a Cancer Connection Mentor (+ 10 yrs). Frances says of The BX Press and Cidery “you had me at the first sip of Prospector – took me right back to the Old Country where traditional Cider was born!”


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Jasmine came Canada to look for igloos after getting a math question about one in her final exams. After venturing up to the Arctic circle and finding  out she was 20 years too late, she came back down to the Okanagan and made Vernon her home. Since living here, she has made many wonderful friends and adopted them as family. You can find her in the BX Press tasting room, connecting our cider to colourful local Canadian history in her best story-telling voice.