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Our flagship line, these premium ciders personify the characters of the famous Barnards Express Stagecoach Line. Ranging from traditional dry ciders to unique botanical or fruit-infused blends, there is a character cider for everyone.

Each of these ciders are an expression of the unique growing season and the fruit available, making these ciders a enjoyable salute to the season past.

All of our ciders are vegan and all but The Dufferin are gluten free.

The Prospector - Traditional Dry Apple

Bold and full of character, this premium cider celebrates the audacious Prospectors who sought their fortune in the Caribou Gold Rush. These intrepid men trusted the renowned Barnard’s Express Stagecoach Company to safely transport their hard-earned riches out of BC’s wild interior. 

This traditional dry cider is crafted from a diverse blend of bittersweet, bittersharp, and heritage apples grown on the same hillside where the BX raised their remarkable horses long ago.   

Ginny - Gin Botanicals

Lively and a little quirky, Ginny is our ficticious hurdy-gurdy dancer. Considered the ‘good-girls’ of the saloons, the hurdy-gurdies refused to deal in anything but dance steps. 

Available as a small-batch release, this fragrant cider is a blend of hand-picked dessert apples from our own orchard , and infused with juniper, coriander, and other whole botanicals to create a refreshing and unconventional beverage.

The Bandit - Cherry

Tenacious and a bit unruly, this cider is named for the Bandits who brazenly robbed the BX Stagecoaches. Held-up only a handful of times, those that dared to cross the BX were nearly always caught.

This sweet cider blends BC-grown cherries and our premium estate grown apples creating a smooth, sweet cider with deep cherry flavour.

With no sugar added you might just say it’s so good…it should be illegal.

The Crackwhip - Hopped

Refined and unique, this fusion of crisp cider and aromatic hops is a tribute to the BX stagecoach drivers – The Crackwhips. These remarkable men were courteous, honourable and highly skilled handlers. Above all, they were committed to the safe delivery of passengers, mail, and gold over the rugged Caribou Road.  This small-batch cider is infused with selected organic hops grown in Lillooet, once considered Mile-0 on the Cariboo Wagon Road.  Floral, citrusy, and refreshing this delicious cider is a tribute to BC’s history and modern agricultural bounty.

The Hostler - Modern Apple

Refreshing and authentic, this thirst-quenching cider is our salute to the BX Hostlers. These agile old horsemen were charged with caring for the renowned company horses at each station along the old Cariboo Road. Trained for staging alone, these spirited steeds required great skill to handle.


Dedicated to our orchard and passionate about our cider, The Hostler is a modern approach to craft cider, expressing the tart MacIntosh, Spartan, and other dessert apples we grow, along with a hint of Hyslop and Dolgo crab apples to round the flavour.

The Overlander- Haskap

Spirited and resilient, this haskap berry-infused cider celebrates the life of the remarkable Catherine O’Hare Schubert and her epic journey as the only woman to travel with the Overlanders.  She survived much of her arduous journey over the Rockies by trading berries with kind Indigenous peoples.

Conditioning our cider over whole Vernon-grown haskap berries creates a tart, fruity, pink cider  – enjoy this cider and celebrate Catherine’s tenacity, resourcefulness, and adventurous spirit. 

The Shotgun - Apricot Ginger

Sassy and adventurous, this smart cider is a salute to the individuals who “rode shotgun”. This iconic figure in stagecoach lore would win the front seat, and right to protect the coach from bandits and predators, by winning a shooting competition before the stagecoach embarked.

This complex cider is matured over fresh BC apricots and tangy whole ginger., creating a tart-sweet cider with spicy aromatics and a sweet stone-fruit finish.

The Wrangler - Belgian Saison Yeast

Rugged and Rough this stark cider is dedicated to the extraordinary wranglers who drove 400 wild horses from California to Vernon in a single 1868 trek. 

Their epic journey culminated in the formation of the BX Ranch our orchard is now home.

Using Belgian Saison Yeast this semi-sweet cider is slowly fermented on French Oak. Complex and smooth, it is a testament to the legacy that quietly echoes on our historic BX Orchard, land where the apple-tree roots go deep into the same soil where the Wrangler’s wild horses once trod.

The Dufferin* - Whiskey Barrel Aged

Named for the famous stagecoach commissioned by the BX for the visit of Lord & Lady Dufferin in 1876. Built in California, this extravagant coach was the pinnacle of luxury in its day.  In the spirit of the Dufferin we have taken extra time to slowly mature our premium cider in freshly emptied whisky barrels from our friends at Okanagan Spirits Distillery, imparting soft notes of vanilla, caramel and oak to this bone-dry,  lightly sparkling premium cider.

*due to the potential presence of grain spirits in the barrels, this cider may not be gluten free

Alexandra - Experimental Ciders

These one-off and totally unique experiments are only ever made once before either graduating to a character in our Character series or perhaps never to be made again.

2020 – Barrel Aged Sour Cherry, Barrel Aged Sour Peach, West Country Style

2019 – Sour Farmhouse Apple & Sour Farmhouse Cherry

2018 – Ginger Apricot & Haskap

2017 – Cascara

2016 – Blackcurrant Cardamom & Rhubarb Hibiscus

2015 – Lavender Raspberry & New England Style


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Botanical Series

What started as our seasonal cider line-up have grown to be some of our fan-favourites, some of which you can now find nearly year round.   Each of these ciders are made from our estate grown apples and blended with other BC-grown fruits and a complementary botanical herb, making them each a unique mix of tart, savoury, and sweet. 


Blackcurrant Cardamom

This savourys-sweet cider is a very small batch for 2020. Conditioning our premium cider for three weeks over Lavington-grown blackcurrants, this light-pink cider is a smooth blend of tart currants, peppery cardamom, and crisp cider.

Lavender Raspberry

With BC-grown raspberry infused into our crisp modern cider, this delicious cider is a palate pleaser especially for berry lovers. The Okanagan-grown lavender  infusion is subtle, giving the cider a slight savoury note without being overpowering or soapy. 

Cranberry Cinnamon

A small batch available in the fall, this bold cider blends rich BC-grown cranberry with our crisp cider.  Not at all subtle, this “Christmas in a Bottle” cider is deep red with rich cranberry and cinnamon notes on the aromatic and the palate.

Vanilla Plum

One of our sweet selections, this winter release features a co-fermentation of our MacIntosh apples and Damson plums. Blended with brown sugar and whole-pod vanilla beans, this delicious sugar-cookie-esque cider is the perfect cider for any season.

  Have you heard about our


Taking three years to make, our Pommeau – Normandy Style cider is an intensely complex premium cider.

What is Pommeau??  The simple answer – it’s delicious! The longer answer is best understood by the patient process it took to craft it.  Our friends at Okanagan Spirits distilled some of our crisp cider from the 2017 apple crop into a rich eau de vie. This high-alcohol spirit was aged for 14 months in a freshly emptied Port barrel from the good folks at Skaha Vineyard.  Come next pressing season, freshly fermenting cider was mixed with this barrel-aged eau de vie and aged in whisky barrels from Okanagan Spirits.  Patiently evolving over another year in these barrels, during winter of 2019 it was time to bottle it. A touch of cryo-extracted juice from the 2019 crop was added to balance the sweetness and the result is a delicious, warming, apple-y sipper, representative of three apple seasons and all the varieties we grow.

Introducing Our

Traditional Method Ciders

These small batches express single apple varieties from the 2018 crop. With zero sugar added and having undergone a secondary in-bottle fermentation, these dry, bubbly ciders are an unapologetic expression of specific apples from that vintage.

Currently available:

Kingston Black:

A bittersweet apple originating in the UK, Kingston Black is known for it’s balance of tannin, acid, and sugar, making it a rare opportunity in the cider world for a single-varietal.  Our 2018 crop had a couple extra bins of these precious apples so we set them aside for this special vintage.


After planting 3000 Ambrosia trees in 2014 and waiting the three years to get a crop, we realized that about 150 of the trees were not in fact Ambrosia. The nursery supplying them was not sure what variety these juicy tart-sweet apples were, so we dubbed them “Mystery”. Fermented in a barrel with a chardonnay yeast, this soft cider aged sur lees for 6 months prior to undergoing its secondary fermentation in the bottle. Notes of oak, soft minerality, and a slight bit of barrel funk are present in this one of a kind cider.

Coming summer of 2020: Golden Russet

 A late ripening heritage apple, Golden Russets have unique lemon-drop aromatic and flavour that translates to a complex and bold single variety cider.  Currently our Golden Russet is resting in bottle a few months to further develop it’s inherent aromatics and flavours. 

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