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Recently we escaped for a few days to Portland for the 2016 Cider Conference. Visiting a few other cideries and attending the workshops was the breath of fresh air our little operation needed. With so much enthusiasm and growth in this young industry it is an inspiring conference to go to – both for gleaning improvements for our own processes, and realizing there are many other small family operations rowing the same boat of long hours, big dreams, strained wallets and unending passion.


Our favorite day was spent touring a few established cideries along the Willamette Valley including Wandering Aengus,  2 Towns Ciderhouse, and EZ Orchards.  We have no aspirations to be as large as these cideries however some of these operations were just in their infancy when our own cidery was a distant dream; it was inspiring to see how far they have come in a relatively short window.
(Credit given to Cider Snob for sharing a few of the pics that we missed).

Coming home we realized that we are, well,  stupid not to be looking at increasing production at least to the capacity our equipment and building can handle. Scaling up with an branch-to-bottle operation is not an overnight process as it takes time and many days to grow the crop, ferment, mature and bottle the cider but hopefully by 2017 we won’t be saying “Sorry, we are sold out” quite as often anymore.

Thank-you – customer and follower – for your patience and cheerleading for us as we grow.

PS – a very special thankyou to my folks for taking a hiatus from sunny Arizona – returning to snow and cold to not only ensure our girls were well cared for but to build us a brand-new pasteurizer.  They are the unsung heroes of us being able to bring this cidery to life during the same chapter of our lives titled “children”.

And a possible new chapter to add to our book? Stay tuned for the one titled “Puppy”….we met with a breeder in Portland for sweet and beautiful Chinook dogs.  Because things aren’t already busy enough, right?

Good-bye Winter