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Est 2013


We are a third-generation family farm, growing apples on the same land that was once home Barnard’s Express Stagecoach Company’s famous horse ranch.
Our family has proudly been growing apples here since 1946. Today we grow more than two dozen varieties including modern dessert apples, nearly forgotten heritage cultivars, and vintage cider fruit.


These sugar-laden fruit are hand-harvested and slowly fermented into delicious craft ciders which we blend, bottle, and share at our orchard ciderhouse.


Our Character Series Ciders

Each of these ciders is named for a character from the history of the Barnard’s Express and the Caribou Goldrush. Attend one of our summer tastings at the cidery and hear the stories of the character while you sip it’s namesake cider.  All Character Series Ciders are in 500ml bottles and many are small batches, only available once a season. 

The Prospector – Traditional Dry Apple

Whoa Nellie! – Barrel Aged & Sour Cherry

The Shotgun – Apricot & Ginger

The Silverfox – Vanilla Plum

The Dufferin – Whisky Barrel Aged

The Overlander – Haskap

The Artist – Cranberry Cinnamon

The Crackwhip – Hops

Ginny – Juniper, Coriander, Orris

The Hostler – Modern Apple

The Wrangler – Saison Yeast & Oak

The Bandit – Sweet Cherry

The Mastermind – Blackcurrant Cardamom

The Barber Sleuth – Barrel Aged & Peach

The Renegade – Lavender Raspberry

BX Malus Ciders

Malus Series

Our Malus 750ml Ciders celebrate the terroir of our orchard and particular vintages of apples or co-fermentations of estate grown fruit. These special bottles are only available at the ciderhouse.

The 2021 releases include: 

  • Golden Russet Single Varietal
  • Porters Perfection Single Varietal
  • Kingston Black Single Varietal
  • Hyslop Crabapple Single Varietal
  • Apple & Plum Coferment
  • Apple & Grape Coferment

Hours of Operation

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