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Even though apples are still a few weeks away, plums are right around the corner.  Some of you may remember a small experimental cider we put out last season in which we co-fermented Italian plums, vanilla pods, and our apples.  The resulting Vanilla Plum cider was a perfect winter treat and we plan to make more of it this fall, ready to be released for Christmas.

Problem is we are primarily apple growers and have only a handful of plum trees on our farm. While we will certainly utilize these plums, we’d like to make the batch a bit larger so our customers in Vancouver and elsewhere can also enjoy it.  We also love our community and thought it might be fun to try a collaborative cider which is a true expression of Vernon terroir. While we have enough apples, we need your plums!

How it Works

You bring us your plums. We give you coupons for vanilla plum cider.

While it really is that simple, we have a couple of logistical requirements to ensure the process is smooth and our cider quality is maintained.

  • Please wash the plums and package in large ziplock freezer bags as we will be freezing them until apples are ready for pressing
  • Pits are ok to be left in
  • You will be asked to sign a form indicating the address the plums were picked at and your phone number – this is required by the Federal Excise department to ensure our fruit is indeed sourced from within Canada.
  • Plums will be quality inspected to ensure they are ripe (underripe or rotten fruit will not be accepted).
  • Coupons cannot be used for other ciders than vanilla plum.  We want you to try the cider that your plums are part of!
  • While we prefer Italian Prune Plums (the oblong purple ones pictured in the above pictures) we will also accept limited quantities of yellow or red plums as long as they are sweet varieties and fully ripe.
  • Coupons will be issued at a rate of 25¢ per pound.
  • We will stop accepting plums at 400lbs and will notify via facebook and instagram. If you would like to ask if we are still accepting plums prior to coming to the cidery with them please call Missy at 250-503-2163



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