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2018 sees the 5-year mark for our little dream, this cidery. “5 years” seemed like an insurmountable goal when we started, but now suddenly, five orchard seasons and 70-something cider batches later here we are.

It’s a big year for us. For one, we were finally able to start paying me a salary, which is really nice considering the money, risk, and hours that have been put into the dream. Livelihood aside, this is the year we are adding onto the building to give us a little more production space, and the ability to stay open year-round. More to come on that soon.  5 years is the year we can look at increasing our barrel program. Grafting more cider varieties. Offering guest-tap kegs to accounts. Expanding our community giving program. Adding benefits to our year-round employees compensation packages…. wait…did you catch that??

Year-round employees.

As a family-run, seasonally-based business, getting to the point that we can add team members who are here all year is a big deal.  And not only any team members, but individuals whose skills surpass our own in key areas. Individuals we trust to care about the business and our customers as much as we do.  I think alot of small businesses flourish under their founder’s vision, but then can be prone to faltering when the amount of work outgrows what the owner is able to do well.  I jokingly call the Cidery my “fourth baby” as I have poured so much of my heart, energy, and dreams into it.  It is scary to “let-go” of micromanaging every area, but I am so excited to pass off key responsibilities to two individuals whose vision and skills surpass my own.

“Together” is even better and we can achieve things that we would not have been able to if I let my own insecurities and control issues take precedence.   Officially, I am pleased to introduce you to our leadership team additions – Jasmine & Camillia.

Jasmine Wong: Sales & Tasting Room

Many of our summer guests are very familiar with this spunky, sweet, story-teller extraordinaire from Australia.  A part of our summer team since 2015, Jasmine officially joined us year-round when she stayed on for the winter bottling run. Now that we plan to keep our doors open all-seasons, we were happy to see her step into a leadership role.

We are excited to have her lead our team of Tasting Room staff, oversee our Cider-Club & online shop, and manage our Community Giving Programs.  She’s a big-hearted, fun-loving part of our team.

If you have sales, club, or donations inquiries Jasmine is the one to connect with at jasmine@thebxpress.com .

Camillia Courts: Marketing & Cidermaker

Camillia is a well-known photographer around Vernon and also has a viral following online for her @disneyinspiredphoto Instagram account. Filling her winter “photography off-season” with some part-time bottling work, she kept the spirits of our bottling crew upbeat with her contagious laugh, while also ensuring production targets were met.  Coupled with her mad skills for social media and talent behind the camera lens, we quickly realized she was worth keeping around longer than bottling season.

Thankfully she accepted a flexible position that allows her to keep her photography business a priority while contributing her multi-dimensional talents to our team.  You may also see her at events or in the Tasting Room, and she shares a collaborative role with Missy in overseeing  our Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Media and Event inquiries should be sent to Camillia at camillia@thebxpress.com .

We’ll be introducing the rest of our summer team over the following weeks.  Better yet – come visit our tasting room or market booth once we open for the season and say “Hi” in person while we pour you a cider from our new vintage.

2018 is going to be our best year yet.


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