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Before it’s too far gone, I wanted to share a handful of orchard winter pictures.

People ask us what we do all winter, if we’ve had some nice “time off”.  While the pace is definitely less intense than the hectic spring/summer/fall bonanza , truth is there is still plenty of work to get through – every limb, every bud in the entire orchard needs to be considered and possibly removed.

It is beautiful, peaceful work that we enjoy. Between pruning, raising the kids and running the cidery I get to dabble in a little bit of everything. Dave is pruning seven days a week, his saving grace being the shorter daylight hours.

But days are starting to stretch a little and the last traces of snow all but gone from the orchard. Crocuses are boldly splashing color in dreary corners. The sun is warm, jackets are shed.

Yesterday, robins were flirting nearby where we were pruning. Much to my amusement and his chagrin, Dave nearly got knocked off his ladder by two of the red-breasted birds that were particularly ‘feeling it’. Considering he uses finger-severing electric shears, I should be grateful he survived their frenetic ladder-bombing with all digits intact.

Longer days, spring flowers, warm sun, crazy love-sick birds……I do love the Okanagan where spring arrives in February.



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