As our little business has grown, we’ve been guilty of frequently changing up our labels.  The BX story, the characters, they have stayed – of course –  but every couple years we feel the pull to “refresh” . Apparently, 2021 is no different.


2021 Labels

Why Change?

Over the years our beloved “BX Character” family has grown, the fruit-infused cider portfolio expanded, and with the busy labels we had, it was very difficult for customers – especially new ones – to know what was in the bottle.  While a name like “The Bandit” might be catchy, it certainly doesn’t lend to knowing there are cherries in the cider.  

We decided it was time for a rebrand. While maintaining our BX Characters, we’d aim for a cleaner, more minimalist look, with the type of cider prominent and colourful. 

Rest In Peace Botanical Series.  

A second problem was that our overall branding was starting to get very diluted with the Character Series, the Seasonal Botanical Series, our Orchard Series…. yeesh! And none of the labels looked like they were from the same producer. So as beautiful as our botanical series labels were, we are retiring them and giving those four ciders new characters. Don’t worry – our Blackcurrant Cardamom, Lavender Raspberry, Cranberry Cinnamon, and Vanilla Plum are not disappearing – but they will have new faces this year.  This change will facilitate the fact that several of these ciders are now available over three seasons – so calling them ‘seasonal’ hardly made sense anymore.

 A More Sustainable Paper Choice

Once you get your hands on one of these new bottles, you may also notice the change to a heavy-weight paper label rather than the plastic we’ve used in the past. While we may question this decision when condensation builds up or water from a icebath ruins the labels, ultimately we feel better about the footprint that paper (rather than plastic) leaves on the Earth and so have made the switch.

This season you’ll notice a blend of old and new labels as we phase out the old stock of plastic labels and move everything slowly over to the new paper design. 

Isn’t that what 2021 feels like in general? A bridge between 2020 and …beyond?  Whatever that is? 

We are excited to start rolling out these new designs and the change they symbolize for new and fresh things ahead. 

Big thanks to Justine Taylor for redrawing all our characters into line drawings, and adding some new characters too! And Liz Ranney for pulling them together into labels.