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We are a farming family.

Our lives are intertwined with agriculture as far back as we can both trace our family heritage.

Dave is the third generation to grow apples on this very orchard, and farther back,  his grandparents immigrated to Canada from farms in Europe.

Those same grandparents, Franz and Anna Dobernigg moved their family from Alberta in 1946. Land title transfers indicate that the orchard was purchased from pioneer and taxidermist William C. Pound.  He is pictured here in the orchard circa 1928.

Pound’s  animal mounts are still on display in the Vernon Museum.

An Orcharding Legacy.

Dave’s dad John succeeded the farm and continues to contribute significantly rain or shine – we are a family farm in the truest sense of the word. Pictured here are John and his brother Walter as boys on the farm, in the early 1950′s.

The boxes in the background were what apples were transported in prior to the big red bins that are so familiar throughout the Okanagan today. These would be stacked full of apples and hauled by tractor to the Vernon Fruit Union which was located where Okanagan Spring Brewery sits today.

John and his wife Priscilla, Dave’s parents, raised three boys on the farm – Dave and his brothers, who now return many times a year to help out with the season and share the beautiful orchard with their own children.

Prairie Roots.

I grew up on a grain farm in Saskatchewan and come from a long line of prairie farmers. Pictured here are my great-great grandparents on their golden anniversary, May 21, 1949.

My great-grandparents and grandparents (both maternal and paternal) were grain farmers, as were my parents, who retired to the Okanagan in the late 1990′s. My childhood memories are filled with rubber boots and sloughs, endless prairie skies,  tailgate dinners eaten in the field, and the scent of warm grain in the fall.

Dave and I met in 2001. Although I had expected the Okanagan to be a brief chapter in my life as I worked towards a business degree, Dave’s irresistible smile, quick wit, and gentle manner soon won me over and Vernon became home when we got married.  Three daughters have since joined us; our days are full to the brim during these busy years with young children, the farm, and  cidery.


Moving Forward.

Our dreams are tied inseparably to these trees, this land, this life on the farm. Our daughters are in the midst of building their own childhood memories. Although it is not for us to choose what they remember, we do our best to help the farm nestle deep in their hearts: apple blossoms, robins’ nests,  big red bins, and crisp apples picked by little hands straight off the branch.

Big Dreams.

Our own hearts are in the orchard and we feel thankful to have such tangible work on such a beautiful piece of the Earth. Beautiful, bountiful, and rich with history.
We believe in hard work, real food, and simple living – we trust these values are expressed in the quality of our apples today and are evident in the authenticity and caliber of our ciders.

We are so happy to welcome you onto our farm: for you to walk between rows of strong apple tree branches laden with fruit, to watch the press overflow with fresh sweet juice destined for cider,  to crunch into a crisp apple that was only moments before kissed by the Okanagan sun, and to sip a cold, sparkling cider crafted with care from apples grown on the same trees you walk beneath.

We are hopeful for what the future holds and appreciate you following along in our adventures as we work out our dreams and share a window into our life on a BC apple orchard.

– Missy