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The Bandit

This unique cider with cherry is fermented from over 12 varieties of apples and has natural BC cherry added to it just before bottling. Due to the added cherry, this cider is slightly sweeter than our others, but balanced with the crisp acidity of the apples, and underlying complexity from the cherry.

The story of The Bandit is one of our favorites from the Barnard’s Express history.  Although not many men were brave (or stupid!) enough to dare hold up a stagecoach, several men tried, and a few were successful. Lately we’ve been sharing the story of Sam Rowlands, one of the more famous bandits who held up the stagecoach.

The story goes that in 1890, a BX Stagecoach was held up after leaving 100 Mile House. It had on it a strong-box with over $15,000 in gold nuggets and bars (over $500,000 in today’s dollars). The driver, held up by a bandit with a Winchester rifle, surrendered the strong-box and reported the robbery when he reached Ashcroft, but could not identify the bandit. 

Not long after the hold-up, Sam Rowlands started making large deposits of gold at the Ashcroft bank, claiming he had struck it rich at nearby Scottie creek. This sparked a mini-goldrush to the area with a multitude of prospectors setting up sloughs and staking claims up and down the creek. Not surprisingly, no one other than Rowlands was ever finding gold and he, conveniently, only when by himself.

Soon enough the authorities became suspicious and held back some of the gold from Rowland’s deposits. They were able to examine it and determine that it had not come from Scottie creek, but rather several creeks, most likely in the vicinity of Barkerville – the same place the stolen gold had come from.

Rowlands was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in the New Westminister penitentiary. But in classic bandit fashion, he broke out after serving only two years and no one ever found him or the rest of the gold again.

2014 – 297 Cases   –   6.7% abv
2013 – 259 Cases   –   6.8% abv