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The Character Series

Our “Character Series” ciders tell the story of the Barnard’s Express through authentic, whimsical depictions of historic BX characters.  While the ciders can be enjoyed anywhere, the stories are best experienced at our tasting room where we love to bring each character to life by telling their story while you are tasting “their” cider.

BX Characters Include:

The Illustrator: Meet Justine

Each lovable character is hand-drawn by my (Missy’s) childhood friend, Justine Taylor. With our start-up budget too tight to allow for hiring a design firm, I had approached Justine about the Illustration work. With three young children of her own, a fulltime job, and a farming husband, Justine understandably declined the extra work.  I was pretty stuck;  It was  hard enough to find an illustrator that would draw the whimsical, rustic characters I sought, let alone work on a nearly non-existent budget.

A few weeks rolled by, and through the wonders of Instagram, I saw that Justine was looking for authentic persian rugs.  Rather serendipitously, I had recently inherited genuine wool and silk rugs from a generous Aunt, that were rolled up and stored in my basement for a “someday” bigger house.  I offered them to Justine. It was the carrot she needed. Within record time she brought our original four characters to life and since then has continued to design and draw for us – including our BX Logo and our fun “Suessical” Cider Machine Illustration.