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The Hostler

This cider showcases the potential of dessert apples such as Golden Delicious, Spartan, MacIntosh, Gala, and Ambrosia. With a small addition of crabapple to provide layers of crisp complexity, The Hostler is a light, refreshing cider with notably fruity apple notes.

The cider is named in tribute to the Hostlers, the skilled old horsemen who cared for the stagecoach horses.  Taking pride in their role, hostlers were stationed every 18 miles along the Cariboo road where there would be a stopping house for the stagecoaches to change out their team of tired horses for a fresh steeds. This is where towns such as 100 Mile House or 150 Mile House get their name, as they were approximately these distances from Mile 0 – Lilloet  – on the Cariboo Wagon Road.

The Barnard’s Express Stagecoach was the longest running stagecoach company in North America, and covered the longest distance, even longer than the legendary Wells Fargo. In over 50 years, they never missed a run – a formidable task given the rugged terrain & extreme weather of the Cariboo Road.

We attribute their consistency and success largely in part to the Hostlers – then men who kept the company’s engine – the horses – in top health and care.

2013 – 271 Cases – 6.6% abv.