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The Prospector

This cider is our driest and most astringent. An excellent choice to pair with rich foods such as local cheese or with spicy or salty items such as charcuterie or grilled meats. 

The Prospector is made from  rare cider and heirloom varieties  grown specifically for cider making, as their high tannin levels and other complex flavours make for a cider with deep character, layered aromatics, and a pleasantly lingering finish.

We named our flagship cider after the Prospectors – the intrepid men who risked life and limb to seek their fortune in the 1860’s Cariboo gold rush. The ranch in Vernon that our farm is part of is where the BX Stagecoach Line raised their remarkable horses. These unbroken, spirited horses pulled the stagecoaches along the rugged Cariboo road for over fifty years.

The Barnard’s Express delivered mail and passengers into the region, and earned the Queen’s contract to be the only legal transportation for the gold found in the goldrush. As dreamers, fortune seekers, and bonafide prospectors flocked to the Cariboo, the near monopoly the Barnard’s Express had on transportation made it possible for the company to thrive, and their ranch in Vernon to flourish.