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We are often asked how we come up with our new flavours.   While I’d love to perpetuate an aura of mystery by suggesting some secret flavour lab with highly scientific trials and some upper echelon of red-seal trained tasters….really, like ourselves and our cider, the process is much more simple than such. Our criteria? Firstly, the ingredients must be real. Grown in BC when possible. Keeping with our winery licensing 90%(+) of what is in the bottle is fermented apples from our own orchard. We never dilute with water or add anything artificial.   Secondly we consider what flavours go together well for cooking or baking, particularly what marries with (obviously)  – apples. So last September, when eyeing up the handful of  Italian plum trees we grow on our orchard, I considered their final destiny was perhaps more esteemed than their usual jam and plum torte.  But what to pair with them?  Credit for the final decision of vanilla goes to Wade over at Cask & Barrel in West Kelowna (At the time of this writing, Cask & Barrel still has a few bottles of Hostler & Prospector, by the way).

The plums were handpitted (140 pounds, by our lovely Frances – thankyou), frozen, and then co-fermented right along with apples from our own farm.  When finished fermenting, it was infused with whole Madagascar vanilla beans and brown sugar.  The end result is a delicious Christmas sipper. It reminds me of sugar cookies or creme brülee.

Now to the question most people have – when are we releasing it?

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 it will be featured as Monashee’s/30th Street Wine Wednesday on Sun FM radio. It will be available at these select Vernon establishments as of the 7th.

  • 30th Street Liquor Store (Monashees)
  • East Side Liquor Company
  • Phoenix Steakhouse
  • Silverstar Liquor Store
  • Toros Liquor Store
  • Vernon Square Liquor Store
  • Village Green Liquor Store (on 24th)

By Monday, December 12, the ciders will be available at Cask & Barrel, Metro Liquor, and Public Liquor in Kelowna.

We also will have our new online store ready to go for orders of a case or more. Eventually this store will allow for mix & match of ciders in case amounts however at this point there is only the Vanilla Plum available.

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