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Old apple tree we wassail thee
And hoping thou will bear
For the Lord doth know where we shall be
‘Til apples come another year
For to bear well and to bloom well
So merry let us be
Let every man take off his hat
And shout to the old apple tree
Old apple tree we wassail thee
And hoping thou will bear
Hat fulls, cap fulls, three bushel bag fulls
And a little heap under the stairs

Mid-January we held our first Wassail.

The symbolism inherent in this beautiful orchard tradition ties us back to the land in a way that only a dependence on nature can. Although we include plenty of silliness with hats, singing, sparklers, and torches – there is something deep-rooted and grounding about a tradition that appreciates the trees for their crop last season, and humbly asks for an abundance in the  next.

Although as farmers we do our best to nurture and care for the orchard to ensure a bountiful crop – really that is all we are – caretakers & nurturers – it is up to the trees to do the real work and for them we are grateful.

Thankyou to the good humour and participation of our friends who came out for our first Wassail. We couldn’t have blessed our orchard with a better group of people – Wassail!

Visit Bill Bradshaw’s excellent cider blog to read more about the rich Wassail tradition.

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